4 Pines Brewing Co. Sydney Cricket Ground. 

Custom Bar Design - Sydney - 160 sqm

Cradle Design was engaged by 4 Pine Brewing Co. for the sustainable hospitality design and conversion of a seldom used café space, to a mini bar with a small outdoor deck area. The existing floor tiles were removed and the concrete slab was polished to reveal a stunning aggregate finish. Using sustainable interior design materials, the bar walls were clad in picket fence style reclaimed pallet timber with the unmistakable 4 Pines chalk-style artwork.

The custom bar design repurposed timber boards with horizontally fixed pallet timber and large graphic decals to the rear. The decals displayed the products on offer while also adding pops of colour. Two columns within the centre of the space were clad in salvaged corrugated tin and wrapped in circular timber standing tables, providing an alternate to the communal and high seating options throughout the venue. The existing small outdoor deck  rebranded with stencil artwork & timber finishing offers patrons expansive views across the impressive stadium.

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