Mariners on the Waterfront Hotel Batemans Bay. 

Commercial Renovation and Design - Batemans Bay NSW - 1400 sqm 

Mariners on the Waterfront Hotel were looking to increase their hotel capacity by expanding the accommodation section of their hotel. As a commercial floor plan designer, In collaboration with Woodhouse & Danks, Cradle was asked to design a contemporary extension to the ageing hotel, providing the hotel with an additional 26 rooms, including two family suites and two accessible rooms.


The commercial renovation was designed to be suspended over the existing car park to minimise the loss of parking to the hotel. Access and egress security gates were also introduced in order to control parking. The commercial design exterior was designed to address the street facade, which included two retail outlets with an over-head street awning. To keep the extension and the existing hotel connected, small pedestrian bridge was constructed between the two.

The site possessed some challenges that needed to be considered during the building design process. Prone to flooding due to the low-lying ground adjacent to the ocean, the commercial design was required to respond to the one in 100-year flood level which helped to inform the elevated first floor design. Aside from flooding, the area also suffered from poor quality sub-soil, which was mainly composed of alluvium. The foundations for the proposed extension therefore had to be designed to provide adequate stability. It was decided that a raft foundation would be more cost effective than sinking 15 metre deep piles down to the bedrock.


The hotel extension is a class 2 building under the BCA, therefore needed to meet a certain fire criteria. This requirement helped to define the building materials selected for the project. The external facade is predominately paint finish render on Hebel wall panels. A projected composite cladding highlights the windows and a ‘Cemintel’ fibre cement cladding system within this feature provides a textured contrast. The lower ground floor retail space and car park are finished in fair-faced polished blockwork, which gives the appearance of stability and strength and sets the tone of the overall architectural design. All Internal materials had to comply with class 2 building spread of flame as set-out in the BCA.


A DA was obtained for the commercial renovation and extension to the hotel.

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